The Business Analysis Package

Disappointed with your online results?


You’ve managed to get a few likes on your Facebook page and Instagram account
but they are mainly from your friends and family.

Do you wish you could find out what you are doing wrong?

Let’s look at your blog and social media accounts together!
Sometimes, you can be so absorbed by our projects that you may forget to take a step back and look at it with a new eye. This is exactly what I will do for you!

Strong of my 15 years in marketing, I will study your website or blog as well as your online presence and will give a detailed report with feedback that you will be able to implement and see results straight away.

Here is what the Business Analysis package provides:

  • Complete analysis of your blog/website
  • A detailed report of necessary improvements giving you step-by-step guide on what you can do to turn your blog/website into a successful and powerful platform that attracts and converts your readers into real customers
  • Overall assessment of your current online presence (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram and other platforms)
  • Social Media check-list: Easy to implement solutions to increase your web traffic
  • One Skype session/training

Are you ready to see your business move to the next stage? Then sign up to my Business Analysis Package today for $327USD

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