“Clarity in Business” Mentoring Program

You are passionate about your service-based business and know that you can make it grow. You worked with some paying clients already but want to achieve much bigger goals. There is something missing and you are not sure what it is. Let’s work together and finally prove it to yourself that YOU can live and work anywhere in the world.
You live abroad but are dreading the idea of settling back home.

You have worked with a couple of paying clients (as a freelancer or business owner) but now you need to figure out a way to consolidate this.

You don’t want to work harder but better. It is a question of mindset and you know it.

You are an unstoppable, smart, educated person and your passion (“your Why”) is what is driving you.


1:1 “Clarity in Business” Mentoring (4 months) 


$4000 USD


You understand that having the right mindset is as important as using the best marketing techniques (If not more important) but you feel that you are not enough to get the results that others in your field are getting.


We’ll work together on the 4 following stages:

– Where are you at right now?
 Setting Goals For The Future
(Finding your purpose and true calling)

– Online business basics

(Website, social media and getting clients without being salesy)

– Mindset and its impact on your business growth
(Working on your limiting beliefs and journey)

– Scaling your business to the next level
(Creating perfect packages for your clients)


It includes 1 weekly call as well as unlimited email access, video training (with invited experts) + accompanying workbook and private access to a private Facebook group (for additional accountability and support).

Are you ready to make an impact on your life and in your community?
Are you ready for a massive boost of visibility?
Have you decided that you’re ready to invest and want to work with a Mentor?
But you are not sure if you and I will be a good fit.

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They Say

Biz Online Foundation and Growth Support

With Sabine, I got the help I needed to truly be me and create the online foundation of my Fitness + Health business. Thanks to her, I’ve worked on my “Why”, my purpose and goals for my business.  Our weekly meetings are my favorite part of her coaching program. Although I’ve many years of experience in my field as a Fitness Instructor, I needed Sabine’s support to grow even further. I love exploring new areas of personal development and I know that she understands me as we both have been living and working in foreign countries for many years.

Céline, France
Céline, Fitness Coach

The Focus & Direction I Needed

I went into Sabine’s Vision Board workshop with the intention of mulching an image of my new brand. I had been trying to put all the pieces together for some time but felt stuck. What came out had nothing to do with my brand and everything to do with me. It wasn’t my business that needed a makeover, it was me.

When my board was finished, there was not a single thing related to my business. Instead, I had cut images of things like, be a present mother, meditate, stop biting my nails, walk barefoot in nature and write, write write. It was like my subconscious was telling me, “Hey, it’s all good if you want to take your business to the next level, but let’s pull the weeds first eh? Let’s focus on you.”

6 months later, I look at the board that hangs above my printer. I have accomplished nearly every item on the board. As for the focus of my brand, when the soil is rich, things grow without much meddling.

Stephanie Cariker Voice-shaper for Changemakers Writer | Copywriter | StrategistStephanie Cariker – Voice-shaper for Changemakers

Clarity, Focus and Strategies

I worked with Sabine as I needed to define my branding and set out a marketing strategy for my property rental business. Not only she created my website, she also trained me on the basics of social media, email marketing, and online branding. She provided me with great tips on SEO to get a better position of my website on Google and of course attract more visitors to my rental property website. As a result, we were getting bookings all year round and booked out during the holidays.

Sabine is an excellent professional, serious and committed consultant. I truly recommend her as she has been so dedicated and responsible for every goal we had set (and which were met!).

Wanda K
Wanda, Argentina

Let's get you unstuck!

Marketing shouldn't take you away from the main purpose of your business.

Let's turn your visitors into clients (so that you concentrate on your business instead of trying to learn how to do online marketing).

"You can build a successful career, regardless of your field of endeavor, by the dozens of little things you do on and off the job." - Zig Ziglar