Forums for Expats

Here is a quick list of  communication platforms and forums for expats:

  1. InterNations. This is one of the newest platforms for expats around the world. The members are quite active and organize meet-ups in various cities all over the world.
  2. Expat Forum is supposedly the largest online community who have either moved abroad or planning to. There are forums for expats for a long list of countries, as well as articles and news.
  3. Go South Expat is a social site dedicated exclusively to living in South America. News, forums, blogs, and an ezine cover. What’s quite interesting with this site is that you can create a mini site password protected to your self and your invited guests.
  4. – Gringos community is a resource for a new life in Central or South America.
  5. Expat Focus“aims to make life easier for anyone moving or living abroad by being the most comprehensive information and support resource for expatriates on the Web today.” It provides destination information, opinions and advice from experienced expats on the ground, forums, and even a podcast. Their country list is extensive and worldwide.
  6.  Expat Exchange has “been helping expats navigate international relocation and the phases of culture shock”.
  7. Expat Blog is “the living abroad website, by expats for expats.” They offer information and advice on most countries on every continent. Their forums, organized by country, include discussions and classified ads.
  8. Expat Forum is a bulletin board site. The list of countries is limited, but if you’re interested in Australia, Canada, Dubai, Japan, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK or the US, you’ll find some value here.
  9. The Expat Directory has a forum section. However, I personally find the site a bit off-putting as it’s filled with advertisements.
  10. Live Mocha is a language-learning site that calls itself “the world’s largest language-learning community.” It gives you the opportunity to connect with native language speakers in the countries you’re interested in. It’s a great chance to make friends with future neighbors who are interested in learning your language.
  11. MFE– Maison des Francais a l’Etranger – is a website on Expatriation for French people. It is very complete and also has a forum section.
  12. Boomers Abroad. More for the baby boomers audience,  they say they are “the Expat and Future Expat Online Community. Meet, contact, connect, network,…with others that already live abroad and with those that would like to live abroad. Ask, learn, share with us your experiences. They aim to fill the information gap and educate and update Baby Boomers on the news, trends and opportunities in Latin America & The Caribbean.”

These are not the only site for expats and I’ll be updating the list on a regular basis.

What about you? Are using any of these? As an expat, which one do you find the most useful?
Let me know below if you use another forums and I’ll check them out.

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