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The Problem –


What can you do to create your own dream job that will follow you anywhere in the world?

Moving to another country is something that can be stressful but changing job at the same time can be even more stressful.

Before I let you know how I can help you, let me share something with you.

I know it can be stressful because I have been in your shoes for the last 18 years. I have lived and worked in 4 different countries in the last 18 years (without counting my own country – France).


As you are about to move abroad, you’ll need to:

– learn the language
– create a new support group
– make new friends
– get a new job
– and of course have fun in your new country.

From the busy streets and leafy parks of London, to the underground art scenes of Berlin, the sunny beaches of Valencia in Spain to finally the Latin American charm combined with Mediterranean influences of Rosario in Argentina, I feel like I had to start a completely new life every time I moved.


The solution – 


Create a portable job that gives you professional freedom and follows you everywhere so that you become truly location independent.



Here is how I can help you:


Start building your own pieces of Internet “real estate”

– Brand yourself as an expert within your community

– Use the power of social media to attract visitors to your blog

– Make money online with a carefully selected range of products and services


How will we achieve this?


– By creating your very own blog (ready to use with all the necessary addons already installed and set up)

– By defining a clear social media strategy (with advice on which one you should use and a very handy check-list)

– By understanding the importance of building a relationship with your list

– By setting up an online shopping area if necessary.


Here is what one of my clients said:



This is what you get with this Expat-Entrepreneur’s Business Package:

  1. Domain Name and hosting set up* and first year free web hosting* (of value $117USD)
  2. A Professional WordPress blog** ready for marketing (Min value $400)
  3. Social Media start up with creation of 2 branded accounts + guidance on others (Value – $157USD)
  4. Newsletter and emails set up* (Value – $170USD)
  5. Coaching sessions (Value – $187USD)

* Some of these items have a cost that is not included in the package except the first year of web hosting.With this package, I will also include 2 coaching sessions (one at the beginning of the process and another at the end) as well as private access to my project platform to be able to interact with me, leave comments and questions and see the progress of your project.
** Please note, the WordPress blog setup is for basic setup. It does not include making design changes to your selected theme.


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What will happen next?


As soon as your purchase is confirmed, I  will reply to your email to set up a Skype meeting to get to know you and your projects.

Once we have spoken on Skype and I got to hear a little bit more about your dreams and your plans, we will determine together how we will work together to get you started online ASAP.

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