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I am Sabine Panneau and your Expat Entrepreneur Mentor. I have been in your (expat) shoes many times before and I know how exhausting and frustrating it can be to prepare an overseas move, find a job abroad, try to fit in within your new community, learn a new language, etc… In my 15 years of expatriation, I’ve been where so many others have been or might still be in terms of expatriation, finding a way to create more time to discover my new country and at the same time make a living. I have decided to gather what I’ve learned in terms of blogging, online marketing and personal branding and share it with others in similar situation. My goal is to provide a practical guide to assisting you (expat or future expat) in becoming an Expat Entrepreneur / a Location Independent Professional and start living your dream life overseas while creating freedom of time and money you deserve.

In this site you will find:

  • An Ebook on Expatriation: My 10 Golden Rules to live a successful expatriation (Get your Free copy now!)
  • Free resources to get started as a Location Independent professional or overseas Entrepreneur
  • Must read articles and free resources on making the most of your expatriation and living your best life abroad
  • Tips on turning your passion into your business and a step by step guide on blogging with WordPress
  • Social Media guides (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+) and how-to videos on using social media for your online business
  • FAQ video series on expatriation and entrepreneurship  and many more information on general expatriation issues.

To your success abroad! Sabine

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