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Hey, I’m Sabine

Through mentoring, I help passionate coaches grow their businesses using simple yet effective email marketing strategies.

Before finding Sabine, I felt as if I was walking in the dark with regards to digital marketing and email marketing.’ C., London

Business strategist and email marketing mentor for coaches, NLP certified, wine lover, explorer at heart and currently living in South America.

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3 critical components of your freebie to attract serious subscribers by Sabine Panneau

Getting clients consistently, growing your list and knowing what to say in your emails shouldn’t take you away from transforming people’s lives as a coach.

Becoming a coach was certainly one of the best decisions of your life but now, what’s next???

Where will your next coaching clients come from?

How do you build your authority as a coach as well as build an audience of potential clients?

You’ve already spent way too much time on social media, it’s exhausting and you’re not really seeing any tangible results. You now want to be more strategic about building your audience without having to spend 24/7 on Instagram or Facebook.

You’re in the right place if you want to get more clients for your online coaching business while balancing your professional and personal life.

Your next goal is to start doing email marketing, creating a freebie, growing your mailing list and engaging in a natural way via email.

At this point I hear you saying: ‘Great Sabine but how do I even get started with email marketing?’

You’re in the right place, I can help!

Sabine is excellent at really getting into the detail of who your client is and then crafting copy and holding you to account so that all your messaging speaks to them. She’s a great problem-solver and creative thinker and has helped to ensure that Lucidity marketing always puts the customer at the heart of everything.

Lucy Gower

Innovation Specialist and Leadership Coach, Lucidity - UK

Before finding Sabine, I felt at times as if I was walking in the dark with regards to digital marketing and email marketing. Sabine’s confidence with her work makes her explanations calm and straightforward, and there is never a hint of judgement from her no matter what questions I ask. I feel able to communicate any of my insecurities or opinions to her during our mentoring sessions, which I find to be invaluable. Since starting my mentoring sessions with Sabine, I feel far more confident taking on new tasks and reaching my goals.


Digital Communications Officer, London, UK

Sabine helped me to push forward my personal project. She knows a lot about digital marketing and business development, she´s always proposing new ideas, is a creative person and has a strong positive energy. It was a pleasure having her as my mentor.

Valentina Soldano

Content Creator - Argentina and Italy

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Get better results from your email marketing efforts so that you can focus on your passion – transforming people’s lives.

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Email Marketing shouldn't take you away from the main purpose of your coaching business.

Get better results from your email marketing efforts so that you can focus on your passion - transforming people's lives.

"You can build a successful career, regardless of your field of endeavor, by the dozens of little things you do on and off the job." - Zig Ziglar