8 essentials that’ll help your coaching business thrive

help your coaching business thrive

 Every single business leader out there wants to do everything possible to ensure that their business is one that will thrive. For this to work, you need to reach more people, grow your authority and sign more clients.

This isn’t going to happen by focusing on one or two areas of your coaching business but by looking at your business as a whole. For your coaching business to be a success, you’ll want to keep up with new trends, new technologies and evaluate if they are going to help you grow your business or not. 

You might worry about how much time and money you’ll spend on making your business a success, but it’s whether you think the investment of your business is worth it in the end. You need both time and money for your business to thrive. If you can’t put in the commitment to make this happen with your business, you should consider whether pushing forward is right for you.

If you want to move your business forward in a way that’s cost-effective, you should consider the following areas:

Your Website

  • Your website is the backbone of your business. You can certainly start without one but this will become your most important marketing piece as your coaching business grows. You want your website to be both elegant and responsive, and for that to be the case you need to have all of the relevant information on your site. The more people can find you online and read more about what you do, the work you do with your clients and your thoughts on important topics, the better. The more people can relate to you, the better. Your website is going to need work and as you grow, you’ll need to work with website designers and web developers to build your website and back office. If you’re running memberships and complex and confidential programs then you’ll need to find a reliable IT company to help you. A great website is going to make a big difference in your coaching business.

Social Media

  • What’s the point of your business having a presence on social media if you don’t use your social media?! Hiring an expert to work your social media for you with new posts, new infographics and new information is going to help you to thrive. You can connect with, communicate with and contact your audience right there, and you can do it across more than one platform. Having clear branding guidelines and materials is going to be essentials as you’ll want people to recognise Using your logo as a profile picture is vital here, too, as this will help you with your brand recognition.


  • What do clients think of you? One of the things that will really help you grow your coaching business is sharing testimonials, case studies and reviews of your services. Your marketing plan has to contain testimonials and also include the use of third-party site reviews. You probably look for testimonials on most of your own purchases, whether it’s a product on amazon, a new restaurant in town or a location before a holiday, right? So, expect people to Google your business and find out what you can offer them. Monitor sites for bad reviews and when you see them, action a fix for them! Create a testimonial page on your website and create a clear plan of action to collect more testimonies after working with a client.


  • For your coaching business to grow you’ll need to be very strategic in building your authority. You may start with some referrals and word of mouth marketing but if you’re in for the long run, you’ll need to build a strong online presence. Not only do you want to improve the visibility of your business, but you also need to watch your business grow to new heights. Getting your coaching business in front of the eyes of your ideal audience is important, and it should be your top priority as a business owner who wants to do better. 


  • Regularly publish new content. Content is always king, and if you want people to find your website or come back to it, you should consider topping up your content as often as possible. If you schedule regular content (blog posts/visuals/ podcast/videos) you’re going to improve the way your brand is recognized by your audience. Then you’ll have more content to share on your social media account, so ensure that you have the best people working on your content with you.


  • Do more than the bare minimum. You can push your coaching business into thriving by ensuring that your marketing efforts are pushed forward. Adding in SEO to your marketing plan is going to really help you to get your business in front of the right people, and an SEO campaign done right can put your business out there when potential clients search the net.


  • Always be easy to contact. No one is going to hire you as their coach if they can’t get hold of you to answer questions. The whole point of your website is for people to reach out to you, so instead of removing your contact information from your website, add it on and make it easy for people to see. You can even go one step further by adding a live chat feature. You can also create a calendar link for people to book a free call with you.. This will ensure that you are in a position of being able to be reached by potential clients who have unanswered questions about working with you. 


  • Up your social media engagement. If you want to really engage with your audience, you need to communicate with them. Start conversations and reach out with a wide range of content formats to appeal to your targeted audience. Be attentive and notice the topics that are getting the most engagement, look for trends on social media within your audience and create relevant content. For instance, if you’re on Instagram, make sure to create reels as these are getting a better reach on the platform. A business that engages with people is one that people remember and will speak to! Escalating your engagement will help you to relate better to your audience, and this is vital if you want people to take notice of you. 


Improving your marketing strategy is an ongoing process. Something you’ll need to re-assess every quarter and see if your current strategy still aligns with your services, program offers and clients. Scaling your online marketing efforts will be key in your growth.

You’ve probably taught yourself marketing and done it yourself at the beginning but as your business grows, you’ll want to delegate some of the marketing tasks to a VA or a marketing support team and focus on growing your coaching business rather than learning to do marketing. If you want your audience to expand, and it’s so much easier to do this when you are dedicating a specific budget to your marketing! 

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