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Marketing Strategies for Passionate Entrepreneurs Living Abroad
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Imagine if you could set up your own online business that would follow you and allow you to work anywhere.

The Success Of Your Digital Business Relies On 3 Simple Concepts

An Optimized Website
Your website is more than a fancy business card. It is where the magic happens, it will turn strangers into customers.
Content That Converts
Words are powerful, they can inspire your readers or leave them unimpressed. No matter which industry! I work with coaches, start-up owners, and consultants.
Proven Selling Techniques
There aren’t any secrets to making clients eager to hire you. However, there are techniques you apply to promote your services anywhere in the world.

We've all been there!

You’re spending countless nights going through job sites, looking for remote jobs.

It is exhausting and frustrating while still working a 9-to-5 job!

Seems Impossible!

You know you need to figure out this whole online business thing. The amount of information available is overwhelming and actually, it’s fueling your procrastination.

Being stuck isn't fun. Let's get you unstuck!

Having lived and worked in 5 different countries in the past 20 years, I have been in your shoes. But I learned to adapt quickly and embrace changes with a smile! Running an online business doesn’t have to be complicated. I promise!

Why work with me

If you are stuck in overwhelm and don’t know what to do next, check out the following blog posts and free guides.

In this site you will find

Free Ebook on Tools to Run an Online Business
Essentials for an Optimized Website
Content Marketing and Copywriting Tips

Define Your Ideal Customer – Do You Know Kelly?

Updated - 31/072017 Knowing your ideal client is probably one of the most important steps in setting up a new business. Similiar to knowing your why, defining you perfect client is vital (Don't worry about your target audience - Target audience is way too broad to be...

Marketing Trends

   According to a Hubspot, Video content can be a valuable asset in your inbound marketing content mix. In fact, by 2020, 90% of internet traffic is expected to be video.There is no doubt that traditional advertising is slowly fading out and that social media...

Mindfulness And 4 Meditation Skills You Should Practice

  A few years ago, when I wrote the first version of my ebook and the Anywhere Manifesto, I started exploring the role of our mind and how our attitude had a major role in determining the success of any expatriation. Recently, I came across a phrase by...

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Let's get you unstuck.
Marketing shouldn't take you away from the main purpose of your business. Let's turn your visitors into clients (so that you concentrate on your business instead of trying to learn how to do online marketing). Increasing your traffic and attracting your ideal clients isn't difficult. I promise!

"You can build a successful career, regardless of your field of endeavor, by the dozens of little things you do on and off the job." - Zig Ziglar