10 Steps To Turn Your Passion Into A Business

The #1 secret to being successful online with your own business is to be passionate about it.

If you’re doing it just for the money, you will get bored very easily and will lose interest when money is not coming fast enough to your liking.

Whereas, if you do it with passion, money will be rolling in, and you will be successful before you know it!


Live your passion!

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times but it cannot be more accurate when it comes to being your own boss and running an online business worldwide.

My second secret is actually much linked to the first one and it is to treat your passion as a business.  You need the right mindset to become an online entrepreneur and often it is not something that comes naturally.

If for instance, creative writing, practising yoga or horse-riding is your passion, and you decide to create a business around this, you will need to treat it as a business, which means showing up every day, taking responsibility and being accountable for your actions as any business owner would be.


But how do you turn your passion into a business?

1 – Define your passion

Your love for helping people get unstuck professionally, for helping them live a healthier life or feel better in their body or to be more creative in their parenting skills can be the starting point of your entrepreneurship adventure.

Still, you really need to define exactly what you could do, who you want to work with and how you’re going to offer your services.

Once you’re clear on all of this, you need to determine if there is a need on the market for this.

Market research is really important at this stage. Are there any similar businesses around? What is their offering? Do they specialize in a specific market/audience/country, etc.?

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2 – Do you have the skills to do it alone? Or will you need professional help?

If you want to be successful, I would sincerely advise you to consider outsourcing some of the work such as your website creation or social media activities, or find a coach or mentor to save months and years of trial and error.

The marketing side of your business will almost always need to be outsourced as well.

There is so much to do, and so many niche things to understand depending on your business.

It can become overwhelming very easily.

If you develop software and sell it, you’ll need a software as a service marketing agency to help you promote it.

If you start a restaurant, you’ll need a specialist restaurant marketing agency – and so on.

Different industries require different marketing techniques, hence you have to get expert help. 


3 – Are you ready to treat your passion as a business?

You will probably work harder than in any previous job.

Being your own boss isn’t always glamorous. It will mean spending hours, and days behind a computer doing marketing or updating your website or your social media accounts.

Working on your laptop at the beach is only really for the picture!

Don’t let Instagram fool you. Trust me!


4 – Start today!

Not tomorrow, next week, next year or whenever you’ll feel ready.

Again, I’m speaking from experience when I say “Start today, no matter what!”.

If you are spending 6 months figuring out what you will do online, you will have lost 6 months of learning about all things entrepreneurship.

So, Start Today, at least with a website/blog/Facebook group around your passion.

Connect with people doing something similar, comment on their blog, on their pages or in their group.

You really shouldn’t consider them as competition, honestly, there is room for everyone online.

Work on your story, that’s going to be your differentiator.


5 – Get the online backbone of your business ready.

I teach personal branding to most of my clients as I feel that is one of the easiest ways to be authentic and be able to grow your business.

Create a  “You Inc” blog or website and set up your social media accounts. (Check out my article on building your website by following these 7 easy-to-follow steps – Create a Website Today!)


6 – Plan

Prepare a business/marketing plan and organize your actions for each day of the week.

The more routines and structures you put in place, the easier it will be to get as weeks turn into months.


7 – Become THE expert within your community

Become the go-to person for that specific matter, both online and offline.

There are many ways to become the go-to expert in any field:
– Write about the subject matter, create content for all levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced),
– Share stories or interview experts in your industry,
– Create Q&A sessions on your social media accounts (if no one ask questions at the beginning – start with a FAQ series to cover various areas of your expertise
– Share your journey of how you got started and where you are at now
– Help others on social media and share your tips
– Hold workshops or online masterclasses on specific areas of your expertise


8 – Work on your personal brand every day

You are Your Own Brand! Your story, background, experience and personality make you unique and that’s what will attract people to your offering.

As a service provider, you are not selling commodities, so don’t try to differentiate yourself on pricing.

Your energy and story are what will attract your soul-mate clients to you.

Read and learn about branding and attraction marketing and concentrate on traffic generation activities that will lead your followers to your website.


9 – Test and adjust

Perform regular assessments/reviews of your website and services and make necessary adjustments to your business.

Your first version of your website may not be perfect but publish it anyway.

You can also improve it later on.  S

Don’t let perfection hinder your progress. You’ll learn along the way.


10 – Celebrate every success

Remember why you wanted to create a new business in the first place – “Your Why” is what is going to help you make it through hard times so remember to celebrate every success along the way – Even the smaller ones!


Take Action today and implement some of these tips now!

Please let me know what you think of all this information and if you have been able to implement it. I would love to help.

Let’s work together!

Check out the various ways we could work together and grow your online business.


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