5 steps to create a proof of concept for your coaching business

proof of concept for coaching business

In the context of the coaching industry, a Proof of Concept (POC) is an exercise to test a new idea/concept, a new direction with your coaching services or a new coaching program.


The 5 steps of a proof of concept


Step 1: Demonstrate the need for this new services/program

This is essentially a Strength/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) exercise.

It will include:

  • Research on the existing businesses already delivering similar services.
  • Eventual requests from existing clients to solve this specific problem. 
  • A change in the environment that would require this specific need like the pandemic
  • Who is the target market and the overall problem/struggle
  • Are you bringing a new service to an existing market or an existing service to a new market? Or any other variants of this.

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Step 2: Creative exercise around the ideal solution 

Listing and detailing the possible features and benefits of this new concept/program or service.
What problem are you solving?
What solutions do you bring?

Who is your ideal client? (It’s a key step in the foundation of any business idea) Pick just one person, one demographic and describe their struggles, problems, needs and what they want to achieve.


Step 3: Create your signature program and do some testing among your audience or potential clients 

Conduct some market research in order to speak to as many people as possible (but only those fitting your ideal client description)

Interview existing or past customers
Run a beta round with a small number of people and let them know you want feedback


Step 4: Gather and document feedback from the previous stage 

Be ready to collect feedback; in a constructive manner, have an open conversation during the beta round or the testing period so that you can make changes in the program.


Step 5: Taking into consideration your results, create the final version of your signature program

Define the framework for this new service, pick price points, devise launch plans and get everything ready for the official launch of your new program. (Promotion / Email marketing / Invoicing / Contracts / communication platforms, etc.)


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