In today’s post, I’d like to explore the most common misconceptions about expatriation, all those mistaken believes that people around the world, independently of their country, could have towards leaving their own country to start again overseas.

Every culture is different and it is imperative that when an Expatriate goes to live and work in a foreign country, they overcome the problems of culture difference to ensure that their work is successful and that they are making the most of their expatriation, for themselves and their family.  There are many commitments required for an expatriate to be successful before, during and after their time overseas. However, there are also many misconceptions, which prevent people from embarking on an expatriation or simply making the most of it.

I have divided the list in to 4 sections:


–          It takes a lot of guts and courage to live anywhere in the world

–          You need to do it when you are young because later it will be harder

–          You need previous experience before embarking on an expatriation

–           Living abroad is more dangerous than living in your own country

–          Being an expatriate means you live on the beach

Money & Work

–          You need to be wealthy to go and live abroad

–          Travelling is expensive

–          All expats work for big organizations and earn good salaries in dollars

–          You can’t succeed professionally overseas without a strong support system and contacts

–          It would be mad to quit my job right now with the state of the global economy

–          You won’t get access to medical care in your new country of residence

–          If I expatriate I will lose my social security, medical care and pension


–          You don’t need to speak the local language, English is enough

–          You need to speak foreign languages to live aboard

–          Expatriating to a country that speak your language will be easier

–          You need to start learning foreign language from a young age


–          You can’t go and live overseas if you already have children

–          You will only see your family once a year

–          Returning home after a few years will be easier than leaving your country in the first place

–          You don’t feel ready to leave your friends and family behind


We will look again at these points in future posts and see how to overturn these misconceptions. Are you an expat? Would you add something to this list? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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To Your Success Abroad!

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