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Unless you were totally cut off the world and didn’t have access to the internet over the weekend, you have probably heard of the crazy scenes which took place in shopping malls across the United States just before the weekend. Every year, the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, and it marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Some shoppers were so determined to get their hands on some great deals that they resorted to pepper sprays to keep other shoppers away. Traditionally straight after Black Friday comes Cyber Monday, the day when online retailers are offering online discount and promotions!

Well, today I’d like to present you a selection of Cyber Monday deals especially selected for expats!

  • Expat Books

There is a huge selection of Expat books and Live and Work Abroad guides, I have made a selection on Amazon of various books. From this list, I’d particularly recommend “Expat Women: Confessions” released earlier this year!

Here is a selection of Expat books and guides on Amazon.com

  • Electronics Essentials for Expats

there are many essentials for expats: Along with its $79 Kindle and $199 Kindle Fire, Amazon is offering a Sony Cybershot 10.2-megapixel camera for $199 (a savings of $150), which are 2 basic instruments for anyone living on the move and the modern travellers.

  •  Website hosting

As mentioned on my recommended internet tools page, if you are serious about becoming a location independent professional or monetizing your travel blog, you will need to find a web hosting provider.
I have been using Dreamhost for over 2 years and I am very happy to recommend it to my readers.

Dreamhost– Save $45 on Web Hosting and Receive Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth!

Sign up today for a one-year hosting plan using the promotional code EXPAT and you’ll get an entire year of web hosting for just $74.40! That’s a saving of 38%!


  •  Online Business Partnership

Like many expats, I run my own business and whether yours is a brick and mortar business or an online business like mine, we know that with the recession we are experiencing, we need to be more creative, resourceful and professional in our way of promoting our business online  if we want to survive in the current economy.

Leading Online Marketer, Ann Sieg, is holding a special sale because it’s been over six months since she has made the decision to take off her “generic” training hat to grow and train a brand new team of marketers.

I actually joined Ann’s team 5 months ago to work on my Expat Consultancy business:“Anywhere in the World” and I have been able jump into a learning environment that doesn’t just stuff information into my head… but that GUARANTEES quick action and quick results. The best way to achieve it was by aligning myself with a team of like-minded people and mentors for ongoing support, networking and partnerships.

So for this Cyber Monday, I am inviting you to claim your spot on my Renegade Team by filling out an application right now before they’re all gone!

Here‘s where you can join The Renegade Team

If you wish to learn more about The Renegade Team, you can sign up for one of the forthcoming webinars http://bit.ly/JoinRT.

As always, if you have any queries about these Cyber Monday offers, just get in touch via my contact page or by emailing me at sabine {at} sabinefep.com.

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