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Before moving to Argentina, I was really interested in living in Chile. I guess I still am and it is not too late. Maybe it will be our next move.

There are many expats in Chile who are looking for a more stable South American lifestyle. Along with Uruguay, Chile is probably one the best South American countries to live (or even retire), as it has less corruption, less inflation and less insecurity than its infamous neighbours.

Recently I came across a report about investing in Chile and it seems that the Chilean government is also helping to get more foreign investments into Chile. I know that a lot of French companies that used to be in here in Argentina are relocating to Chile.

Simon Black, aka the Sovereign Man is located in Chile and talks a lot about international entrepreneurship.  Even Cody McKibben, the digital nomad expert, is currently running a 3 month-long training in Santiago, Chile.

I haven’t had the chance to go and explore the country but it is certainly in my bucket list.

The video below will give a great taste for what this beautiful South American country has to offer.

What about you? Are you about to explore Chile? Do you live in Chile? Are you planning to go and live in Chile?
I’d love to hear your thoughts about the country.