This week Facebook is changing all the personal accounts with the new Timeline design.  As with any change, many people are unhappy, complaining and unsure of what to do and others are very enthusiasts about the new design and some even came up with some creative ideas.

What about you? Do you love it or hate it?


Let me tell you that … I love this new design. The timeline concept  is actually quite cool and has a more arty feel than the previous designs.

On the upper part of the new profile is the cover (as Facebook calls it), which is like a large banner with an insert for your profile picture. Creating your own cover  is super easy, actually you can just start with a nice picture with a photo from one of your own albums.


However, I think it would be a missed opportunity if you leave it plain as this can be a great platform to present your various activities, passions or projects.


As you can see on my own cover, I wanted to present my passions and projects to my friends and family who have been on my facebook for ages but may not know much about my latest projects. Moreover, it also allows my connections to know that they’ve found the right person as soon as they see my cover (even though they cannot see the rest of personal profile).


Thanks to my Expat project “Anywhere in the World”, I have been able to connect with hundreds of people around the world but I don’t necessarily want to connect with everyone on my personal facebook page so as soon as they reach it, they can find the names and url of my blogs and in my About section there is the link to my professional Facebook pages – Sabine Panneau and RosarioConnection.
I know that my personal facebook isn’t the place to do business however, my projects are so close to me that I couldn’t ignore them on my personal Facebook page. This is one thing that Google+ really takes into account and that’s why I do spend a lot of time on Google+. If you haven’t done it so far, check out Google+ account and add me to your circles!


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