You all know who is the first search engine, right?

But do you know who the SECOND most popular search engine is?

You might be surprised.


Back in August, I had the pleasure of attending a marketing conference in Minneapolis in the US on blogging, the use of social media and how to generate traffic to your blog to increase your revenues.

With Ann Sieg at the DMC Conference, Aug 2012

With Ann Sieg at the DMC Conference, Aug 2012

(I even got a couple of mentions for having won a blogging challenge and having traveled the furthest.)

Two of the trainers were Rich Hazlett and Ann Sieg (on the picture with me) and today I’m inviting you to a free webinar where Rich and Ann will be sharing one of the best kept traffic secrets in the industry…YouTube!


I’ve been blogging long enough to make this honest-to-goodness statement:

Without traffic, even the best products, the best stories and marketing strategies are all for nothing. It won’t work. It won’t make money. It just won’t last.

You’re not going to make money if you don’t have people (i.e. traffic) to sell your products to, no visitors to your blog or site, etc.

Period. It is just the truth.


YouTube VideosWhy YouTube?

Every day over 4 BILLION videos are viewed on YouTube.

That’s the equivalent of more than HALF the world’s entire population watching a video on YouTube…

every… single… day.

The eye balls are there.

You see, a recent study done by Cisco Visual Index shows that videos will account for nearly 90% of all consumer internet traffic by the end of 2013.

YouTube really is a hidden goldmine and one of the fastest ways to build your business, if you know the promotional secrets.

You may have never thought of YouTube as a “search engine” before, but a huge percentage of people now actually use YouTube in the same way they use Google, to do research and make buying decisions.

Why Rich Hazlett?

Rich Hazlett at the DMC conference, Aug 2012

Rich Hazlett at the DMC conference, Aug 2012

Rich Hazlett is one of the industry’s expert in Pay-Per-Click Advertising and he is going to show you how to get thousands of high quality visitors, leads and potential clients through Pay Per Click advertising on YouTube.

I had the pleasure of assisting at one of his training sessions on YouTube advertising at the DMC conference and learnt so much that when he informed me of his forthcoming webinar I immediately decided to share the information with you

Because let’s face it, we all need more traffic to our blog or website.

So I’m inviting you to this free webinar on Thursday, Nov 15th at 6pm (Pacific
Time) / 9pm (Eastern Time) where Rich Hazlett will be uncovering one of
the best kept traffic secrets in the industry.

Go here to grab your spot and register now!

Rich is going to show you how he got more than 75,000 views to just ONE of his videos and how nearly 50 PERCENT of every visitor who goes to his site becomes a potential client.

Or how one of his students began generating leads for $0.85 within days of implementing his strategies. (which by the way is very low by the industry’s standards!)

At YouTube, you can get tons of cheap traffic at a fraction of the cost of what people pay on Google

or Facebook…

You can also go viral. FAST.

Most importantly, the leads are high quality. According to Rich, better than any other method he’s used.

Rich will show you how to do this at the webinar. He’ll cover all of these things and probably more.

So register now to join, and be sure to show up early this Thursday, Nov 15th at 6pm Pacific Time /9pm Eastern Time, this one’s filling up fast:

Register now!

I understand that it may be difficult for you to attend due to the time difference so do register now and I’ll be able to send you the recorded webinar after the event.

Also if you read this post after the event but still want to hear more about the Daily Marketing Coach and all the training available to its members,  then you can register to one of our future webinars: DMC webinars


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