2011 is definitely the Social Media year!!!! With so many networking platform to chose from, it is normal if you feel lost in the this social media jungle!

According to the social media agency Ignite Social Media, there are over 50 social networks all competing for your attention and obviously Facebook is the most prominent website.

In a recent post, they provided an interesting picture of the social media sector divided into various categories: on gender, demographics, level of eduction, age and on the affluence of its audience and finally they are giving us the very useful information of who is on the decline and who is creating a buzz.

It is a very interesting way to look at social media and maybe it is time to revise our marketing strategies and promote our business in the right channels. Are you using the right social media for your audience? Is it time to ditch a particular site if you are not reaching the right audience? Where to go next?

Keeping abreast of the latest sites and trends in the social media is a prerequisite to successful marketing and so many people overlook this point just because they already have a facebook page and a twitter account.

The full post from Ignite Social Media can be found here

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