Meet Chris, a business life coach from the US living in London

Meet Chris a business life coach from the US living in London 3

Let me introduce you to Chris Melville, a business life coach from the United States living in London, UK.

Chris’ interview is a story of finding your happy place, helping others build their own community and healing yourself from trauma.

Chris’ passion for horses brought her to Europe in the first place. She has now spent more time in the UK than in the US. After many years in the corporate world leading a busy and intense life, she runs a business and life coaching online practice for women who want to build the business and life they’ve always dreamed of.

Thank you very much Chris for sharing your story!

I invite you to watch Chris’ interview or listen to the audio version below the video. 

Listen to Chris' Interview

by Sabine Panneau | Global Entrepreneur Interview Series

 Meet Chris a business life coach from the US living in London 3

You can find Chris on her Instagram account –

On Facebook inside her own group of Unstoppable Women –

and also on her website – 


Thank you, Chris, for sharing your unique experience. I wish you all the best with your coaching practice and I am sure that a lot of readers will be inspired by your story and hopefully will turn their dreams of living abroad into reality in the years to come thanks to you.


 Find out how people living abroad, just like you, started their own business pursuing their passions and becoming successful Global Entrepreneurs leveraging the power of the Internet. New Global Entrepreneurs Stories are added regularly, so make sure to check out the other interviews here.

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