In the last few months a new expat website appeared online. I am not necessarily talking about a blog created by people living overseas and sharing their experience but rather a blog geared towards the expats community and people living abroad.

It is called Expats Blog – and define itself as a site that serves the expat community. Created by expats for expats, their researchers travel the globe looking for stories that would interest their fellow expatriates, they also scour the net for the best expat blogs for our expat blog awards.

  • Blogs

It can be a very good place to search for other expats living in your current or future country of expatriation. So far they’ve recorded over 600 blogs from 80 different countries so you are bound to find some who lives near you.

  • Forums

They’ve also recorded expat forums from 19 countries and it could also be a good place to start your research or find someone who could help you with a specific query.

  • Contest

Expats Blog is currently running a writing contest to share your expat experience with the emphasis to be helpful to others looking to expatriate/emigrate as you did. Check out the site to find out the deadline and the terms and conditions to participate in this contest.

  • Awards

I got to know Expats Blog because they got in touch with me a little while ago to inform me that they added my blog – Anywhere in the World – to their Expat Blog Awards for Argentina.
Expats Blog
The judging panel at will review every expat blog listed in every country, and in combination with their judgement and the overall ratings and reviews make a decision on December 15th 2012.

Please take a moment to vote for Anywhere in the World and help me reach gold for the Expat Blog in Argentina Award!


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