Should I Get Travel Insurance for Argentina?

The beautiful plains of Patagonia, the stunning Iguazu Falls, the epic Perito Moreno Glaciers, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia and so many other sites around Argentina are on everyone’s bucket list these days.

If you’re a digital nomad, a content creator or an avid explorer I bet you’ve considered or are considering visiting Argentina in 2024.

For all of us, the thought of working remotely from Buenos Aires cafés or exploring Patagonia’s wilderness is surely tempting.

I’ve called this country “home” for the past decade. 13 years ago I disembark from a British Airways plane at Ezeiza airport, setting foot for the first on Argentine soil. I met up with the guy I had met in Spain and later that year we decided to stick around a little longer and see what the country had to offer. 

Since then, I’ve met so many tourists, travellers, digital nomads and expats and I often get ask the question: “Should I get a travel insurance for Argentina?

Technically, there is no obligation to subscribe a travel insurance to enter the country, but for me a travel and health insurance is a non-negociable for me. 

I always recommend to all travellers to always  get a travel insurance before visiting Argentina (or any other country, for that matter).

I don’t particularly get sick very often but there is no shortage of scary stories of people ending up on GoFundMe after a trip abroad turning into a scary nightmare. It can be anything from having your stuff get solen, a medical emergency, an accident or an language error that turns your trip upside down. I’d rather sleep well while travelling!

Let’s look into the pros and cons of travel insurance for digital nomads in Argentina so that you can make an informed decision.

So before you book your flights to Argentina, don’t forget that crucial question: Should I get travel insurance for Argentina?

Why travel insurance is your Argentine ally

Imagine yourself wandering the vibrant streets of Purmamarca in the NOA region (northwest territories of Argentina) only to slip on the village paved street and twist your ankle or even worst break your leg. 

Digital nomads in argentina purmamarca NOA

Public hospitals are free* for all in Argentina but keep in mind that these services are for local people who desperately need them as they do not have any other options. As you travel around Argentina, you’ll see that local services can be sparce at time or even non-exisitent. You may have to do 100s of km to find the nearest dispensary. 

*Actually as of March 2024, public hospitals in the northern regions (Salta and Jujuy) started charging non-residents to combat the large influx of patients from neighbouring countries.

Secondly, public hospitals often can barely meet the local demand which means long waiting times and poor supply of medicaments and other medical necessities.

As a digital nomad in Argentina  or a tourist, your best option will always be to go to a private hospitals. However, medical bills in private hospitals in Argentina will add up quickly.

Here’s where travel insurance comes in:


Medical Mishaps:


Accidents and illnesses are unpredictable. Even if you’re careful, even if you’re never get sick, you simply cannot prevent them.

Travel insurance offers a safety net, covering hospitalization, treatment, and even medical evacuation – a lifesaver in case of emergencies.

Argentina is big, very big, and there are a lot of regions with very little medical attention. Imagine paying out-of-pocket for an ambulance or helicopter transfer to the next city. With a travel insurance, you’ll be covered anywhere in Argentina.


Trip Interruptions:


Flight cancellations, lost luggage, and travel delays can throw your itinerary into disarray.
Travel insurance can reimburse you for these unforeseen circumstances, minimizing financial stress and ensuring a smoother journey.

Imagine losing your bag at the beginning of your trip because you wanted to save a $50 travel insurance. 

Believe me, these happen often in Argentina so that I wouldn’t take risks.


Peace of Mind:


Knowing you’re covered for any unexpected events allows you to fully immerse yourself in Argentina’s wonders.

Focus on exploring hidden gems and indulging in cultural experiences, not financial anxieties.

Peace of mind is priceless when you’re travelling far from known lands and even more so if you don’t or barely speak the local language.

This is me and my 2 daughters exploring the northwest of Argentina. We’re standing right above the small pueblo of Purmamarca, with the hills of 7 colours in the background.

The Risks of Skipping Travel Insurance

Gambling isn’t my thing AT ALL and even less when travelling.

Exploring the world without travel insurance is a huge gamble to me and it might actually backfire and turn your dream trip into a nightmare.


Financial Strain:

Without insurance, you’ll have to cover the financial burden of any medical emergencies or trip disruptions. This can be a significant blow, especially for serious medical situations. Imagine having to be hospitalized for an emergency surgery, that would ruin any trip as well as leave you in a difficult financial situation.


Limited Coverage:

Certain activities, like mountain climbing, may require separate coverage not automatically included in basic travel insurance. Want to do water sports, skying, skydiving. Make sure it’s covered by your insurance cover- sometimes basic covers don’t cover all the sporting activities so make sure to read the small print. In case of doubt you may be able to pay a small add-on for a few days to cover a specific activity.


Lost Investment:

Unexpected events can derail your entire trip. Without insurance, any prepaid travel expenses might be lost.
Imagine getting your bag stolen right before a flight. As well as loosing your flight, you need to replace your passport, your ID and your credit card before continuing your journey.

With the right travel insurance, you’ll be covered and depending on your plan, you’ll even get extra money to replace any other lost/stolen items.

Probably the most impressive site in the whole of Argentina – Garganta del Diablo at the Iguazu Falls.

SafetyWing: A Tailor-Made Solution for Digital Nomads

You may had tried different travel insurance on previous trips and happy with them. But traditional travel insurance might not perfectly align with a digital nomad’s lifestyle. If you’re travelling long term and know you’ll be away from your country of residence for an extended amount of time, it’s important to find an insurance that understands your lifestyle.

Enter SafetyWing:

Remote Work Friendly:

Their plans cater to remote workers, covering lost laptops and even COVID-19 related situations. It works like a subscription and they offer multiple services for different sort of nomads, travelers and remote workers.


Global Coverage:

SafetyWing’s plans extend medical emergency coverage to Argentina and many other countries you might visit as a digital nomad. Available for purchase in 180 countries and can be purchased while already traveling.


Flexible & Affordable:

You can purchase or extend your plan on the go, and the plans are typically more budget-friendly compared to traditional options. They are competitive in each category. For example, a Travel medical coverage starts from $56.28 for 4 weeks. This is 1/3rd of the price of the biggest competitor for similar coverage.

Get a quote from SafetyWing insurance:


Heads up! I’m not an insurance guru, so for any nitty-gritty details on specific Argentina travel insurance plans, it’s always best to chat with the folks at the company you’re considering.

The Choice is Yours: Navigate Argentina with Confidence

Ultimately, the decision to get travel insurance rests with you.

However, by weighing the pros and cons, and considering the unique advantages of SafetyWing, you can choose the best option to ensure a safe, secure, and unforgettable adventure in Argentina.

Now, go forth and explore – with peace of mind as your travel companion!

To your success abroad! 

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