We talked previously about starting your own blog and you would have realised by now that you won’t be able to escape it…

You Need a Blog! Actually the question isn’t whether or not you need a blog but if you are serious about building your personal brand online.

Whether it is an expat blog, a portfolio (of your photos, crafts, interior designs, writings, paintings, etc…) or a professional blog (to promote your services as a coach, as a language teacher, as a personal trainer, etc… ), this is the most appropriate platform to develop your business online and offline, not to mention one of the most affordable.


Ok let’s face it, unless you are a web designer, it isn’t going to be easy to create and design your own blog! Some of us, me included, learned it all from scratch without being taught how to do it.
It took me days (and nights) to find and install the right theme, to add pages in order to get the right design for my blog and to be honest, it wasn’t plain sailing. I still sometimes struggle to add or remove simple features on my blog.


There are many how-to guides out there but you still need to collect all the information and you may not have that much time in your hands.


So what about if you have access today to a step by step guide on how to set up your website/blog with loads of videos tutorials, all in ONE place!
It sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, Ori Bengal, a fellow marketer who has been travelling around the world since 2007, just launched a new program and I highly recommend it: It is called Make WordPress Easy.

This is what Ruth, a member of one of my marketing group, said about Ori’s tutorials – Make WordPress Easy, she loved it so much that she is recommending  it those who are struggling with their blog.

Ori also released a cool video that explains it all so  check it out for yourself!

Make WordPress Easy


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