Anywhere in the World Manifesto – How to Successfully Live and Work Abroad

I am just finishing writing my Ebook for expats, location independent professionals and anyone willing to live and work overseas. The book will be out very shortly and I am really looking forward to sharing it with you! I am very excited as this is a new stage in my online adventure and I hope you will find it of interest and it will help you in your journey.

In the Ebook, you will find my Golden Rules to be successful in your new life abroad and learn how to make the full of your expatriation for yourself, your family and your career.

Anywhere in the World Manifesto

Between the moment you decide to go and work overseas and the actual moment you step in your new country or your new house, there are usually a few months and these months of preparation are crucial for your success overseas!

An expatriation is not just an extended holiday, so to avoid the disappointment of not finding work after a couple of months or a decent language school to enrol, there are many things you can do in advance in order to help you with your move and more importantly with your installation.

Imagine if you could have valuable information beforehand so that you are prepared, when the time comes! Would you not prefer to enjoy your new life overseas and make valuable connections instead of stressing about collecting and filling in paperwork, reading instructions in a foreign language or struggling to make yourself understood and landing into very embarrassing situations?

I will also share with you my tips on living your expatriation to the full and living the changes in your life in the most positive way.

As ever, there is no one-size-fits all formula or secrets, especially when we are dealing with expatriation as there could be hundreds of parameters determining your situation nonetheless over the years of my various expatriations, I realized that there were many recurring events/situations and I decided to collect that information in my Ebook “The Golden Rules to be Successful Living and Working Anywhere in the World”.

Whether you are thinking about expatriation, about to embark on an adventure overseas or already living abroad, this Ebook is for you! In the next couple of days, I’ll be making the official announcement of the e-launch, so stay tuned.

As ever, to your success!

PS: The Ebook is now ready to download and leave your email on the right hand side, you will be able to learn how to prepare for your expatriation, how to create more time and money and finally make the most of your time overseas.


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