Empowering Solo Fundraisers and New-to-Fundraising Professionals: Why I Use the GROW Mentoring Approach

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Are you new to the world of fundraising or a solo fundraiser looking to create your first fundraising campaign? Do you seek guidance and mentorship from someone who understands the intricacies of the fundraising landscape? If so, you’ve come to the right place.


When I started my fundraising experience, straight after Uni, I was lucky to have great role models/mentors within the leadership team at the National Maritime Museum. They taught me probably 2 of the most important skills as a fundraiser: to practice active listening and how to engage in meaningful conversations. These formative years played a crucial role in shaping my career and even after two decades, I still benefit from those teachings.


This first experience was very enriching and decisive in my career (not just as a fundraiser) and that’s thanks to this that I’m drawn to work with new-to-fundraising professionals and solo fundraisers in the non-profit sector around the world.


When I started mentoring I wasn’t using any specific methods. I also trained in NLP and I learned many techniques related to setting goals, planning and executing plans. Recently as I was looking into specific coaching methods, I realised that the GROW coaching method resonated with me. It made sense and went along the lines of what I was already doing intuitively.

So I decided that I’ll use the GROW coaching method to mentor individuals like you who are passionate about making a difference through fundraising. This method, which has its roots in sales coaching, has proven to be a powerful tool for shaping successful fundraising campaigns. 


Let me explain why I believe I am the right mentor for you and why we should work together to achieve your fundraising goals.

Understanding the GROW method

The GROW method is a structured approach that helps individuals or teams set and achieve their goals effectively. It stands for Goal, Reality, Obstacles/Options, and Way Forward. Let’s delve into why I find this method indispensable for mentoring new fundraisers and solo fundraisers.


  1. Goal: Clarity and Direction


Setting a clear and specific goal is the cornerstone of any successful fundraising campaign. As your mentor, I believe in the power of well-defined objectives. Your fundraising goal needs to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART). For instance, it could be something like “Raise $15,000 for our charity within the next six months to support our education programs.”

This clear goal serves as a compass, guiding all your fundraising efforts in the right direction. With the GROW method, we will work together to craft goals that inspire action and measure success.


  1. Reality: Assessing Your Starting Point


To chart a course for your fundraising journey, it’s crucial to understand where you currently stand. What are your existing resources, donor relationships, and fundraising experience? Through a thorough assessment of your current reality, we can identify strengths to leverage and weaknesses to address.

Together, we will analyze your starting point, giving us the insight needed to measure progress accurately and create a tailored fundraising plan that suits your unique circumstances.


  1. Obstacles/Options: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities


Fundraising often presents obstacles that can deter even the most dedicated individuals. These challenges may include limited resources, donor engagement issues, or competition from other charitable organizations. In the GROW coaching model, we not only identify these obstacles but also explore the various options available to overcome them.

Whether it’s developing new skills, building strategic partnerships, or leveraging digital fundraising tools, we will tackle obstacles head-on and transform them into opportunities for growth.


  1. Way Forward: Crafting a Concrete Action Plan


A well-defined goal, a clear understanding of your current position, and strategies to overcome obstacles are essential. However, without a concrete action plan, success remains elusive. In this phase, we will develop a detailed roadmap of actions, complete with deadlines, responsible parties, and necessary resources.

Your action plan will serve as your playbook, guiding you through each step of your fundraising campaign. From donor outreach to storytelling to campaign execution, every action will align with your overarching goal.

Why Choose Me as Your Fundraising Mentor?


As a seasoned fundraiser with years of experience working with diverse organizations around the globe, I understand the challenges and opportunities that arise in the world of fundraising. My use of the GROW mentoring method isn’t just about providing guidance; it’s about empowering you to take control of your fundraising journey.


Here’s why I believe we should work together:


  • Expertise: I bring a wealth of fundraising knowledge and experience, having worked with numerous charitable organizations.

  • Personalization: My mentoring approach is tailored to your specific needs and goals, ensuring that our collaboration is meaningful and effective

  • Proven Method: The GROW coaching method is tried and tested, providing a structured framework for achieving fundraising success.

  • Action-Oriented: Together, we will transform your goals into actionable plans, ensuring that you make tangible progress toward your objectives.


  • Support and Accountability: I will be with you every step of the way, offering guidance, support, and accountability to keep you on track.


In Conclusion


Embarking on your fundraising journey can be challenging, but with the right mentor and a structured approach, success is within reach. I invite you to join me in using the GROW coaching method to elevate your fundraising efforts, make a meaningful impact, and create lasting change for the causes you care about.


Let’s work together to turn your fundraising aspirations into a reality. Reach out to me by email sabine ((@)) sabinefep.com , and let’s begin this exciting journey toward fundraising excellence. Together, we can make a difference. 


Are you new to the world of fundraising or transitioning into a fundraising role for the first time? Are you seeking guidance, support, or mentorship in your fundraising journey?

Hi, I'm Sabine Panneau, a Global Fundraising Consultant with over 20 years of experience in Fundraising, Business Development and Marketing.

I'm here to support and empower fundraisers like you in achieving your fundraising goals.


Reach out to me today, and let's embark on this fundraising journey together.

Ready to gain full confidence in your fundraising plans?

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