Free Up Your Time to Help Your Coaching Business Thrive

When you are just starting out in your coaching business, you will likely find that there are many demands on your time. With a wide range of tasks to carry out, you may discover that much of your working day is spent on routine jobs such as admin and accounts, rather than coaching your clients. This can be a frustrating situation; after all, the point of starting your business was to work as a coach. When time-consuming tasks take up your day, this can present a problem and impact your ability to grow your business. With so little time to focus on your business strategy and attracting new clients, you may feel stuck and unable to progress your business. 


The good news is that having a plethora of everyday tasks to complete does not need to stand in the way of business growth. It is possible to keep on top of the running of your coaching business while also helping it to thrive; you just need to implement the right solutions. Take a look at some ways to free up more of your time each day at work and focus your attention on doing what you love:


Look for an IT Service Provider


Technology provides many excellent opportunities for coaching businesses. Being able to put out content online is a great way to promote your business, and running online coaching sessions enables you to grow an extra income stream. With the help of technology, distance is no longer a barrier to working with clients across the world. However, unless you have specialist IT knowledge, you can find yourself in the frustrating situation of continually trying to troubleshoot tech issues. Technical difficulties are bad for two main reasons; firstly, if you cannot resolve an issue with your site that has been flagged by a client, this makes your business seem unprofessional. Secondly, trying to deal with IT problems when you do not know what you are doing is stressful and means that the issue takes much longer to resolve. 


When you are reliant on technology to help your business thrive, a managed service provider is an excellent solution. So, what is a managed service provider, and how they can help my business? Well, a managed service provider can take care of the management of your IT on your behalf, but crucially, they will also offer IT support when you need it. This means that whenever your online booking system stops working or there is an issue with your website, you can leave the problem with your IT service provider to resolve.

Gain Admin Support


Updating records and data entry tasks can be some of the most laborious tasks involved in running a business, but unfortunately, they need to be done. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records and information is vital to keep your business organized and running efficiently. This is because keeping outdated or incorrect information can damage your reputation and make your business appear unprofessional.


If the administration aspect of running your business is not something that you enjoy or simply don’t have enough time for, outsourcing these tasks is an excellent idea. Finding a virtual assistant to provide support for your business and complete these tasks for you is a perfect way to keep your time free and get the tasks completed to the highest standard. Outsourcing your administration tasks to an experienced virtual assistant should also provide a cost-effective solution compared to hiring a permanent member of staff. This is because virtual assistants are usually paid by the hour, and an experienced VA will be able to carry out data entry and similar tasks quickly, which saves you time and money.


Use Your Time Wisely


Do you find yourself spending too long on one task? If you tend to get stuck working on the same jobs for long periods, this can have a knock-on effect throughout your day and set your progress further behind. Learning the best way to manage your time effectively is the ideal solution to overcome this issue. You may find it helps to divide your day into separate pockets of time and allocate your tasks into these specific periods. For example, spending just one hour each morning checking your emails, rather than getting stuck checking them throughout the day and damaging your productivity. There are many different apps and software tools available to help time management, so you may find these beneficial if you often find the day slipping away without achieving everything you hoped.


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