Get this right before getting started with email marketing

get started with email marketing

Do you ever feel like your online business is a well-kept secret? You have valuable insights to offer your clients, but you’re struggling to reach the right audience. One of the most effective ways to grow your business is through email marketing, but it can be challenging to build and maintain an engaged email list.

Get THIS 👇 right before getting started with email marketing for your online business.

Before considering an email marketing provider, deciding on a lead magnet or even starting writing any emails, you’ll want to ask yourself these 2 questions.



On a scale of 1 to 10, how convinced are you that email marketing is the right strategy for your business at this very moment?

Q2- ❓

Are you ready to fully embrace email marketing in the mid and long term to grow your business?

The reason these 2 questions are important is that email marketing is a long-term strategy and you’ll want to commit to it to see the results.

❌ Less than 8 in the first question is a big red flag 🚩🚩🚩. Don’t get started with email marketing because everyone is doing so or because a marketing expert suggested it.

🤔 If you’re still unsure about email marketing, I’d suggest you look at your business and see what your next step needs to be. Maybe you need to go back to your dream client profile or decide on what problems are you solving, etc.

➡️ Email marketing is an extension of your business, not just an additional way to communicate with your audience.

➡️ It will allow you to educate, entertain and ultimately sell to your audience.

If you’re about to start building your email list or are struggling to make it grow, check out my article on the  5 reasons why you need email marketing for your online business.

Still not sure how to even get started?

Are you feeling stuck and not sure what to do first or where to even start to create a simple email marketing strategy for your coaching practice?

Do you have that feeling of dread when it comes to making decisions around creating a freebie and writing emails for your business?

If you’re feeling ready to make significant progress right now with your coaching business and want to get a clear roadmap before jumping into the deep end, I can help you.

You don’t need to do it alone nor spend thousands of hours and $£$ to get started with email marketing.

I am inviting you to book a 60-minute business consultation for only $99 so that we can go over what’s stopping you from achieving what you want.

This power hour includes a 20-minute follow-up session a week later for honest feedback and extra guidance.

I’m ready to book a 60-minute consultation!

In the fast-paced world of online business, growing your email list is essential to turning your followers into loyal clients.

Unlock the secret to creating a powerful freebie that will captivate your audience and transform them into paying clients.

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Be ready to take your online business to the next level!


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↠ so that you don’t waste your efforts and money talking to an uninterested audience or freebie seekers

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3 critical components of your freebie to attract serious subscribers by Sabine Panneau