Since I started living in Argentina, I have met many expats who have also made the move and many others considering living in Argentina.

Ebook for Expats

The Complete List of Tools and Resources for Online Entrepreneurs Small and Smart Choices According to the compound effect, it is always the consistency of small, smart choices added up together over time that will transform your life. The fundamentals of all success...

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Expat Life in Rosario

As an Expat in South America, People often ask me how is life in Argentina and if it is easy to settle and find a job in Argentina. Often they are curious to find out if they could do it themselves. I have been living and working abroad since 1997 and I have to say...

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Find out what I love about Argentina

  "Life, love and happiness in Rosario, Argentina’s third largest city" Here is how Alex from the website Expat Everywhere summarised our interview for her site. A couple of weeks ago, she got in touch via Internations and asked me if I would like to share my...

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