The Argentinean Adventure: My Day as a Remote-Working Mama

Ah, the digital nomad life – beaches, sunshine, and endless freedom, right? Well, not quite. Let me paint a more realistic picture: it’s a blend of work, family, and the constant search for the perfect mate (an Argentinean hot beverage) fueled by the boundless energy that comes with pursuing your passions.

My days as a remote-working digital marketer in Rosario, Argentina, start with a familiar routine.

At 7:45 am, the house springs into action as I wrangle my two daughters out the door for school. (Thankfully, this year they start 30 minutes later, a small victory in the sleep-deprived world of parenthood!)

Returning home around 8 am, I settle into my desk, a steaming flask of hot water for my mate by my side.

The familiar scent of yerba mate fills the air as I sip and dive into the world of emails, social media, and client calls.

Building Connections in a Digital World

As a digital nomad, my network isn’t confined to the four walls of an office. Most of my client connections happen online, making networking calls a crucial part of my workday.

One of the challenges of working remotely is the potential for isolation.

Staying connected with others in my industry, fostering relationships, and building trust is essential for generating referrals and growing my business.

So, while the morning might be filled with the rhythmic clinking of my mate’s spoon, it’s also a time to forge connections across the digital world.

I’m part of several Freelancing groups and try to attend as many monthly calls as possible.

I’m also a volunteer for a women entrepreneur group and regularly sign up as a mentor for their 6-week mentoring program. I’ve been mentoring women in Ireland and sometimes in the UK and even France.

Work, Sweat, and Mate Refills

At 9 am sharp, I trade my laptop for a pilates bed twice a week. (My third Pilates class takes place in the afternoon) A quick dash to the Pilates studio a block away injects a dose of exercise and mindfulness into my day.

Refreshed and energized, I return to my desk for another productive couple of hours, fueled by the lingering aftertaste of my morning mate.

Lunch Break with the Little Ones

By 1 pm, it’s time for another familiar shift. The sound of the school bell ringing across the neighbourhood signals a change of pace. Picking up my daughters from school and preparing lunch becomes the priority.

In Argentina, public schools typically run from 7:45 am to 12 pm, requiring a flexible schedule to ensure my little ones are well cared for. Children in private schools get to stay at school until around 3pm.

Balancing Work and Sunshine

Afternoons are a juggling act of stolen work hours and extracurricular activities. Some days permit me to squeeze in a few more work sessions at my desk.

Others involve shuttling the girls to after-school sports practices, gymnastics classes, or swimming lessons.

The flexibility of my remote work allows me to be present for these precious moments while still fulfilling my professional commitments.

Finding My Workspace Oasis

As I mentioned in a previous article, I’ve tried many different working spaces since starting as a digital marketing consultant.
Nowadays, I primarily work from my home office, a comfortable space equipped with everything I need to stay productive.

However, the digital nomad spirit occasionally beckons for a change of scenery. Rosario boasts a vibrant coworking scene, offering a chance to connect with other remote workers and escape the occasional home office rut.

Local libraries also hold a special charm – peaceful havens bathed in quiet contemplation. However, their internet connectivity can be a gamble. Thankfully, my phone network acts as a reliable backup, ensuring I can stay connected even in the oldest libraries with their sometimes sketchy Wi-Fi.

Living, Learning, and Creating in Argentina

Life in Argentina has instilled a sense of resourcefulness and creativity in me. The resilience of the Argentine people is truly inspiring, and it’s something I carry with me in my work.
It’s this same spirit that pushed me to take the leap and create my first blog back in 2010 – a testament to the transformative power of embracing new experiences.

Their personal stories and the economic difficulties ravaging the country every few years have made the Argentineans very resilient and ready to pick up everything and start again. As a country, you can say that they are optimistic and hope for a better future coming soon.

Unfortunately, as a foreigner to all this, it can be hard to live through when you’re not used to it. 

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Conclusion: A Life Less Ordinary

The life of a digital nomad mama isn’t always picture-perfect. There are days filled with juggling acts, late nights catching up on work, and the occasional internet meltdown.

But amidst the chaos lies a beautiful freedom – the freedom to design a life that blends work, family, and adventure.

The freedom to sip my mate while working from a rooftop cafe in Buenos Aires/Mendoza or Salta one day, and explore the bustling streets of Mexico City the next (thanks to the amazing opportunity from SafetyWing!).

This is the life I’ve chosen, and wouldn’t trade it for anything.