Did I just invent a new word for expats?

After the ups and downs of an expat, I am experiencing the ups and downs of a blogger as I am gradually getting into the habit of writing my weekly posts  and I have a lot of ideas going around in my head about the issues faced by the expat community and how to deal with them.  I am enjoying this new phase in my life, sharing with you my expat tips, my trails and errors, my achievements and set-backs as an expatriate.  When it comes to researching on a new country/city, getting the grip with a new language or culture, looking for a job and trying to understand the local bureaucracy, I am your perfect interlocutor because these are my favourite past times.

Anyway,  so what’s with the title of this post “Did I just invent a new word for expats?”.

Well, I have been working on this projects about the expat community and sharing my experience of living and working overseas for a little while now. I have been writing and thinking about it a lot lately and the other day I woke up with a strange word going around in my head.


It describes perfectly the community of the people with whom I want to share my experience as a Location Independent professional and exchange secrets and tips. I would also describe myself as Expatrepreneur and with my blog, ebook and guides I want to help current and future expats to realize their dream of  living and working anywhere in the world. This word encompasses so many things that  you can imagine my joy when I thought I had invented a new English word.

My first reaction (as ever) was to go online and check it out. But there I realised that it already existed, well technically, it isn’t an old word as it’s still not in the dictionary but it seems that it was coined by an American expat in China sometime in 2007. Anyway, I like it so much that you will certainly see it in my blog post, on my Facebook page or on tweets.

To your success my Expatrepreneur friends!


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