The importance of sharing your story in emails

importance of sharing your story in emails l

Sweaty palms, a racing heart, a lump in the back of your throat. I have experienced this feeling many times whenever I had to introduce myself to a new group of people, whether at uni, at work or in a new country.

I felt this way until I realized that there’s no right or wrong, it’s my story and an account of how I handled/overcome a specific situation at a particular moment in my life.

I’m not nervous anymore when it comes to sharing my story as I now see it as the easiest way to help others, inspire others and show that everything is figureoutable.

Sharing your story is certainly a great way to engage with your audience, to build the “know, like and trust” factor that is SO important in business relationships.

Often times it’s easier to do so than creating brand new content for your audience or prepping and delivering a masterclass on a complex concept linked to your expertise.

Sharing your story in emails is also very powerful because when people read emails they’re in a very different mindset than when they scroll on social media. They are giving you their attention (that’s if they opened the email, of course – so that’s why you should always spend a few minutes on the email subject alone before sending an email to your list).

So, are you currently sharing your story via email? If so, well done!
If not, here are a couple of considerations if you want to share more about yourself.

Add your story to your welcome email

That’s the one you send to new people on your mailing list, whether they’ve signed up to get regular mailings from you or downloaded a freebie. This intro email should be part of the sequence of emails that get sent out. You don’t necessarily need to add it to the first email, it could be the second or third one. If you haven’t got a welcome sequence with 4 or 5 emails, then it would be good to start thinking about what aspect of your story is relevant to your business and how you can share it with your new subscribers.

Use storytelling

Obviously, that’s not an email per se but I invite you to consider inserting elements of storytelling in all of your emails. Is there anything that happened in your life (personal or professional) that you could be used as a way of introducing a concept, announcing a new service or sharing your expertise? I bet you could think of a dozen!

A few weeks ago, Laura Cruise, a business friend of mine, invited me to be a guest on her podcast “Your Dream or Mine” and share my story. Her podcast is all about creating your dream life after a successful but demanding career in the corporate world and more specifically how to transition into entrepreneurship after years of a 9-5 job, regular payslips and a stressful environment.

Interview of Sabine Panneau on Your Dream or Mine
Here’s the link to the podcast interview!

Are you already sharing your story?
Do you enjoy it or dread speaking out and sharing your story?

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