Artistas Al Mundo

creation of a job board website

Working with Noelia

I was contacted by Noelia, an Argentinean dancer and ballet teacher who wanted to use her experience working as an artist on cruise ships to help other artists in Argentina and South America find entertainment jobs in resorts abroad and on cruise ships. She had a great business idea but didn’t know how to implement it.

We worked in 4 stages to launch her business.


1 - Strategy and planning

First, she explained to me her ideas and her vision for her business. I created a detailed plan and a strategy to launch her business.  We worked on the business name, how to sell and deliver her services and pricing.

2 - Branding

Once we had a name and plan, she selected a color palet from Pinterest and I created a logo for her new business.


ALM logo

3 - Website design

Noelia wanted me to use “sitiosimple” (a site builder from DonWeb) to create her new website to be able to update it herself after the launch.
I started with a mockup on Canva so that she could give me feedback and changes. Once approved, 10 days later I could deliver the final version of her website.

Here’s the final result- artistas-almundo

4 - Launch

For Noelia to launch and run her website, I prepared various tutorials on how to update individual pages and job offers. I created a folder on Google Drive with step-by-step guides and videos.


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