Alliance Française de Rosario

REdesign for a charity website

Website updates and marketing support

I’ve been a board member of my local French Institute and a marketing advisory for the past 12 years. As a marketing professional, I’m the first person they turn to when it comes to the website. 

In the past couple of years, i made some slight update to the actual website. In 2022, we decided to make some substantial changes as a lot of the key ingredients of digital marketing were missing. 


First, we looked at the homepage keeping in mind the user experience (UX).  First, we removed some of the social media icons as they don’t really use Twitter anymore so no need to send people there if there are no updates on that account. Then I added a testimonial section right on the home page as this is one of the most powerful marketing tools. I displayed 3 testimonials with a link to see more. Finally, I added a “register” button and a shopping cart for those signing up for French classes directly on the website.

Internal pages

As mentioned previously, the testimonials on the home page links to a new page with some visuals of testimonials, a widget to display Google reviews as the organisation has more than 75 reviews (all 4 or 5 stars) and I also added an CTA to get readers to check out the language classes available.

I updated all the existing pages with a new design using DIVI as a plugin (not as a theme). I added a sidebar to all the News items. I added a subscription form on all the event pages as well as a code to scan and get added to a WhatsApp group (communication only – no 2-way conversation within the group).

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