landing page creation

Working with Lucy Gower from Lucidity

I was hired as Operations Business Manager by Lucy Gower, a British innovation and Leadership coach who runs a successful membership program for managers stepping into leadership and team leaders who need a boost of confidence.

Lucy runs many monthly webinars and online events for her paid membership as well as quarterly webinar to grow her audience. She has a very successful quizz bringing dozens of new leads every week.

Landing page creation

I was in charge of creating content and designs of these pages for a period of 18 months.  In total, I created over 100 landing pages during my time working with her. All the pages were created using the platform Leadpages.

Funnel / Email marketing

Each of these landing pages were connected to a corresponding campaign on Infusionsoft/Keap, the CRM used to keep track of new subscribers, event registrants and paid members of the membership or direct coaching clients of Lucy. Some of these campaign were simple – an email series of 4 to 5 email reminders sent when someone booked a place at an upcoming event. Others were much more complex and involved variations depending on the actions taken by the email respondents.

Social Media management

During all this time, I created all the necessary visuals for the landing pages as well visuals for her social media posts (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).

I used the platform Canva to create these visuals.

creation of visuals

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