Masa Medical Clinic


Blog Creation and Training

This medical clinic was looking for ways to better serve their local community and reach more people. They already had a website and had recently updated their site to be able to take online appointments. They had a variety of practitioners from about 20 different specialities all working under one roof. My first step was to add an informational blog (WordPress) to their current website and create social media accounts for the diffusion of future blog posts. Once the set up was done, I trained their marketing staff on subjects such as setting up a content calendar per quarter, on content curating and how get the medical staff involved in the content creation (with over 60 practitioners on site, it was easy to ask them for just one article per year and to be able to publish 4 articles per month). To make it easier for the medical staff, they had easy-to-follow instructions and what was expected of them. Then the marketing person would work on the formatting of the post, add a title, an introduction, Call-to-actions and visuals. I also trained her in SEO and copywriting.

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