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Website design on FEA Create platform

Working with Laura


Laura and I met in a marketing group on Facebook and became accountability partners back in early 2020. We’ve been meeting online every 2 weeks since then.

As Laura’s coaching grew a lot after launching her book, she needed to update her website as she wasn’t happy with her old site. She had done a couple of photoshoots and wanted a beautiful website that reflected her new brand and her style.


We worked together to define a colour palette as well as some visual elements for the website. She already had some lovely pictures professionally taken so I had a great choice of high-quality pictures to work from.


Laura Cruise MoodBoard


From the mood board, I was able to quickly define the branding elements such as font and colours for the website.



Laura wanted a very simple logo using her pink colour and  an easy-to-read font.

Website wireframe

Laura wanted a beautiful website reflecting her brand and her style.

Sketch part 1 – Above the fold

Sketch part 2 – lower part

Website creation and marketing support

I created this website as well as several landing pages on the FEA Create platform. 


First, we designed the homepage keeping in mind the user experience (UX).

I decided to keep the menu very simple with only a few items. The quiz is her main lead magnet for her mailing list so I placed it in the menu as well as directly under the header. I highlighted her recent features online and picked 3 ways to work with her.

I added a testimonial section at the bottom of the home page as this is a very powerful marketing tool to engage with potential clients.

Finally, I gave another opportunity for the readers to find their dreamers’ type by completing the quiz.

Sabine and I have been business accountability buddies for two years, speaking every fortnight about business, targets, confidence and more.
We have helped each other in different ways, using our own business areas as a support mechanism for the other.

It has been, and continues to be, a powerful and important business and life relationship.

This year Sabine created my beautiful website and it is perfect, both in terms of content and style but also because it is a true representation of me and the work that I do. It is testament to her skills that she was able to translate my unfocused ideas into something incredible.

I absolutely recommend working with Sabine.

Laura Cruise

The Dream Transition Mentor, Laura Cruise Coaching Ltd

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